Research Studies

Program a Study for Private Data Collection

Project Implicit designs, programs, and hosts private studies on our platform for academic researchers and other clients looking to gather data.

By working with Project Implicit directly, clients gain access to a unique link (or links) for data collection with or without access to the raw data depending on your reporting needs. Studies can contain one or more IATs as well as other implicit measures, self-report items, and demographic questionnaires.

Anonymity and security in the transmission of individual responses are assured by Project Implicit’s established data management practices. All results are collected in a non-identifiable fashion.

Full-Service Programming

Standard Materials for Full-Service Studies:

  • Hosting for Up to 10,000 Participants
  • Unique Study Link(s) for Private Data Collection
  • Access to Participant Data
  • Calculated IAT Scores
  • Keyboard and Touch Screen Compatibility
  • Support from Project Implicit Research Team

Add-Ons & Additions:

  • Demographic Survey Items
  • Self-Report Survey Items
  • Custom Measures and Scales
  • Participant ID Tracking
  • Introduction and Feedback Pages
  • Analysis and Reporting with Data Analyst
  • Creation of a Individual Report*

    *for Reporting Services only

Self-Service Programming


Project Implicit provides access to minnoJS, an open-source platform for creating IATs like the ones found on the Demonstration Site. Installation requirements, a detailed documentation site, and instructions for setting up a server are provided.


Project Implicit also provides instructions for running a private study in Qualtrics. The script and detailed instructions are provided. If you have questions about running a study in Qualtrics, you can post a question in the minnoJS Google Group.