Virtual Laboratory

Web-based surveys, implicit measures, and behavioral tasks

Project Implicit Consultants possesses scientific and technical expertise in the design and delivery of research with survey and implicit measures.

Project Implicit infrastructure supports a variety of experimental designs and methodologies for the social and behavioral sciences that can be implemented via the internet and through a variety of technologies, including web-browsers, smart phones, and tablets. For customized research support, please contact

Demonstration Website

Project Implicit maintains a Demonstration (Demo) Site where visitors participate in research focusing on attitudes toward different topics including race, ethnicity, gender, politics, disability, and sexuality.

Public Datasets

The data from the Demo Site are made publicly available with the datasets updated annually. Additional information regarding how to interpret IAT results, the scientific status of the IAT, and the relation of what the IAT measures to phenomena of prejudice and stereotypes can also be found on the Demo Site.

The Research Website

In addition to the Demo Site, Project Implicit manages a Research Site, which is consistently updated with new studies related to the topic of bias. Registered participants are randomly assigned to studies from a pool of available psychological studies.