Education Sessions

The Science of Bias

Project Implicit offers General Education and Leadership Sessions that focus on the science, impact, and mitigation of biases.

Collectively, Project Implicit Speakers have presented over 325 sessions at organizations including universities, hospitals, manufacturing, financial institutions, law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, and community-based organizations.

**Due to COVID-19, On-Site Sessions are on hold indefinitely.**

Virtual Sessions

General Education and Leadership Sessions are typically hosted on Project Implicit’s Zoom account (or a meeting platform of the client’s choice). Each session is 90 minutes with time allotted for discussion and Q&A.

Virtual Sessions can be tailored for any audience size and industry.

There are many factors that go into designing and delivering a General Education or Leadership Planning Session, so we only provide service quotes after meeting with potential hosts. We will do our best to provide estimates within 48 hours of an inquiry call.

**We are currently booking into April 2021 or later.**

Our Speakers

Project Implicit Speakers are not Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity trainers; they are active academic researchers in the field of social psychology and have developed content to explore how ingrained habits of thought can lead to errors in how we perceive, reason, and make decisions. Organizations can be confident that the latest scientific understanding of social cognition, implicit bias, and strategies for mitigation is being presented in these sessions.