Education Services

Host a Session to Learn about Implicit Bias

Project Implicit offers virtual and on-site Education Sessions that focus on the science, impact, and mitigation of biases.

Collectively, Project Implicit Facilitators have presented over 400 sessions for companies and organizations including universities, hospitals, manufacturing, financial institutions, law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, and community-based organizations.

**In order to keep our facilitators and our audiences safe, we will only be offering virtual sessions through December 2021.**

Understanding Implicit Bias

In this session, participants learn how mental processes outside of our awareness can influence how we perceive and understand reality. The facilitator also explains how social psychology researchers measure and understand social cognition and implicit bias and how individuals and organizations can mitigate the influence of biases on thoughts and behaviors through concrete, actionable steps.

Session Outline:

  • Exploring Perceptual, Social, and Decision-Making Biases
  • Understanding Bias in Action
  • Reducing the Impact of Bias

Ideal Audience // The content of Understanding Implicit Bias is appropriate for any audience size or industry.

Format // Virtual Sessions are typically presented as a two-hour interactive lecture (90 minutes of content + 30 minutes of Q&A or discussion). On-Site Sessions can be presented as a 60-90 minute keynote, a half-day workshop, or a full-day intensive. Please contact our team to determine which format is best for your team.

What Participants Are Saying*

of participants left the session with concrete strategies to mitigate the negative impact of unwanted biases

of participants would recommend the session to their friends, family, and colleagues

of participants found the general content interesting

of participants found the speaker engaging

Session Logistics & Planning


In order to accommodate organizations of all sizes and budgets, Project Implicit offers special pricing for colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and community organizations. On a limited basis and subject to availability, our facilitators are also able to tailor content to team size, learning objectives, and preferred method of delivery. 

Since there are many factors that go into designing and building a successful Education Session, so we have chosen to provide service fee estimates after an inquiry call with our team.

Booking Timeline & Priority Fees

If sessions are booked less than 30 days in advance, a 20% priority fee will be applied in addition to the standard service fee.


Project Implicit will provide an optional Reflection and Action Plan Handout upon request.

Client Contacts will also be provided with a Mitigation Strategies Handout to distribute to participants after the session.

Note: Slide decks are not considered a deliverable and will not be shared as part of the service.

Post-Session Survey

At the client’s request, Project Implicit will share an anonymous, post-session survey for participants to measure their familiarity with the concepts and content presented, the impact of the session on their intention to implement the strategies discussed, and their general interest in additional training on related topics. We are happy to share these survey results with client hosts or to share the questions to be integrated in an existing training survey or feedback process.

Video Recording

Project Implicit will record the Education Sessions for people who were not able to attend the live session (i.e., limited access). For an additional fee, Project Implicit will allow sessions to be recorded by the Client to be used internally (i.e., unlimited access). In either case, videos are not to be shared outside of the organization or posted on a public page or website (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

On-Site Requirements

On-Site Sessions require a projector, screen, microphone, and podium/lectern. If Project Implicit is required to provide any of these items, procurement fees will be passed to the client upon invoicing.

For Half-Day and Full-Day Sessions, an additional $100-$250 may be assessed for supplies including easel flip charts, markers, and printed materials depending on the number of participants.

Code of Conduct for Virtual Sessions

In the standard Education Services Agreements, Clients are asked to acknowledge the following Code of Conduct and agree to support Project Implicit in upholding the items below:

  • Please avoid interrupting the speaker during the presentation. We invite you to share your questions in the chat (for virtual sessions) or wait until the designated Q&A.
  • Please don’t share screenshots or recordings of the speaker or the presentation slides on social media. We encourage you to share what you’ve learned in your own words.
  • Be respectful and courteous to your fellow participants. For virtual sessions, please keep your mic on mute if you are not speaking.


Project Implicit’s objective is to provide education on general topics, including inclusion and diversity awareness. Provision of an educational session does not imply a guarantee against litigation for discrimination. Diversity seminars themselves are unlikely to reduce litigation and may increase employees’ awareness of potential discriminatory situations. Project Implicit is not responsible for any potential litigation concerning possible discriminatory practices by the Client.

Session Request

From time to time, Project Implicit offers virtual sessions for small businesses and nonprofit organizations that do not have the budget for a standard session. If you would like to be considered for this service, please submit an inquiry here.

Please note that due to limited facilitator availability, we cannot meet all requests.

Additional Services Offered

Ongoing Coaching and Support

Leaders and decision-makers looking for ongoing support have the opportunity to book additional check-in sessions with Project Implicit Leadership. Through small group discussions and facilitated dialogue participants will report on their progress implementing the mitigation strategies from the Half-Day or Full-Day Sessions, report on their progress creating or modifying policies and procedures, and develop new approaches to hiring, managing, and evaluating their teams. Ongoing Leadership Sessions are typically booked 2-4 months after the initial session.

Ideal Audience // Up to 10 Participants
Format // Virtual; 60 minutes

Bespoke Education Sessions

Project Implicit Facilitators may be available to create bespoke content. Recent topics have included: Gender in the Workplace, Microaggressions, and Hiring Committees 101. If you are interested in learning more about this option, please schedule a call with the Project Implicit Team. Bespoke sessions must be booked at least three months in advance.

Ideal Audience & Format: Determined in collaboration with Client Host