Implicit Measures and Scientific Research

Project Implicit translates science into practice.

Project Implicit scientists are experts in implicit bias, diversity and inclusion, leadership, decision-making, survey design, research methodology, data analysis, and program evaluation. We provide consulting services, lectures, and workshops for a variety of sectors including academia, business, education, health care, law, military, and public policy.

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Education Sessions

Project Implicit has a team of active research scientists who facilitate educational sessions focused on diversity and inclusion, leadership, and mitigating biases in decision-making. Sessions are offered in multiple formats and can be tailored to any audience size or industry.

Programming Services

Project Implicit scientists and programmers design and build studies using a range of behavioral science tools. Studies are accessed through a private link that can be distributed to a participant sample or run through the Project Implicit volunteer research pool.

Consulting Services

Project Implicit scientists consult with clients to collect, analyze, and interpret organizational data; develop and evaluate organizational interventions and initiatives; and provide education and other program support to leaders, managers, and human resources professionals.