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Doors to opportunity may not open on the first try. Success takes persistence.

When students believe that their brain is like a muscle that can grow stronger with exercise, they are more eager for academic challenges, they learn more, and they rebound stronger after academic setbacks. They are more likely to keep pushing on doors to opportunity than are students who believe that the brainpower you have is the brainpower you get. FPI promotes the 'my brain is a muscle' mindset for everyone.

Student participants in FPI share insights about what works in their educational experiences, how their academic likes and dislikes develop, what environments and strategies help them toward success. By doing so, they contribute to the discovery of patterns that work for many students.

Without disclosing individual identities, FPI scientists return insights gained to the student participants, their parents, teachers and school leaders. Everyone benefits!


How do FPI students participate?

•  About once a month, FPI students go online for about 15 minutes and answer questions and do different kinds of puzzles or other activities. The questions involve interests, goals, friend and family relationships, neighborhood and school experiences. All information is kept completely private.