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Finding and opening doors to opportunity

"Our daughters can contribute just as much to society as our sons, and our common prosperity will be advanced by allowing all humanity—men and women—to reach their full potential." -President Obama, Cairo University, Egypt, June 4, 2009.

Doors to opportunity are sometimes closed, and other times invisible. The Full Potential Initiative investigates the supports and obstructions to realizing academic potential.

Lead by psychological scientists at the University of Virginia and supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation*, FPI is a program of research and education about mindsets—especially ones outside of awareness—that promote or interfere with learning and academic persistence.

FriendsMiddle and high school students, their parents and teachers contribute to the initiative by periodically completing brief online measures of their interests, likes, dislikes and educational experiences. Students reflect on their educational and career goals, get exposed to productive learning strategies, and practice key skills.

The Young Women’s Leadership Charter School of Chicago is the founding collaborating school, and the initiative may extend to schools in other regions of the country and internationally.

The FPI vision is for interactive collaboration between educators and researchers committed to helping all students reach their full potential.