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Unlocking the doors to academic success

Parents are vital teachers with unique insights about their child's educational experiences. FPI invites parents to contribute to our understanding of the mindsets of academic success.

Mindsets outside of our awareness, and that we may not intend, can influence academic achievement in different subjects and for different groups of students. Researchers around the globe are discovering ways to strengthen productive mindsets. FPI explores and educates about the causes of lasting educational improvement.

Parent participants in FPI provide insights about what they see working—and not working—in their children's educational experiences. They offer perspectives on how their child's academic likes and dislikes are developing, and on what environments and strategies seem beneficial or problematic. By doing so, they contribute to the discovery of patterns that work for many students.

Without disclosing individual identities, FPI scientists return insights gained to the student participants, their parents, teachers and school leaders. Everyone benefits!


How do FPI parents participate?

•  About twice a year, FPI parents go online for about 45 minutes and answer questions and do different kinds of computerized activities, much like those done by their child. The questions involve interests, goals, friend and family relationships, neighborhood and school experiences. All information is kept completely private.