Joy-Gaba and Nosek, 2010, Social Psychology, Malleability of Implicit Evaluations


Joy-Gaba, J . A., & Nosek, B. A. (2010). The surprisingly limited malleability of implicit racial evaluations. Social Psychology, 41, 137-146. [Request paper]


Implicit preferences for Whites compared to Blacks can be reduced via exposure to admired Black and disliked White individuals (Dasgupta & Greenwald, 2001). In four studies (total N=4,628), while attempting clarify the mechanism, we found that implicit preferences for Whites were weaker in the “positive Blacks” exposure condition compared to a control condition (weighted average d=.08). This effect was substantially smaller than the original demonstration (Dasgupta & Greenwald, 2001; d=.82). Factors beyond exposure to admired Blacks may be necessary for the effect, such as making race accessible during exemplar exposure, and including negative White exemplars. Our evidence suggests that exposure to known-group members shifts implicit race bias reliably, but weakly.

Study Demos

Web demonstration of Experiment 1

Web demonstration of Experiment 2a and 2b

Web demonstration of Experiment 3

Study Materials

SAS Scripts and stimuli for all Experiments can be downloaded at Brian Nosek's Dataverse.

Supplement: Stimulus materials for all of the studies


Raw data from studies reported in the article are available for download at Brian Nosek's Dataverse.


Jennifer Joy-Gaba, Brian Nosek