University of Virginia Implicit Social Cognition Laboratory

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People in the Implicit Social Cognition Lab Group

Principal Investigator: Brian Nosek

RA Coordinator: Anup Gampa

Graduate students, Post-docs, Research scientists, and Staff


We are in the Social Psychology Area of the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia.

We are interested in the various aspects of our attitudes that influence our judgments and behavior. Although individuals' attitudes include the aspects that they can directly tell us about, other aspects of their attitudes can be indirectly inferred by their performance on certain tasks or by their behavior. By inferring attitudes indirectly, we can better identify aspects of attitudes that are under less conscious awareness and control so that we can understand their influence, particularly when they differ from the attitudes that individuals can directly describe.

Statement of Lab Values

Implicit Social Cognition Lab, 2013-2014

From left to right: Brian Nosek, Matt Motyl, Calvin Lai, Kathleen Schmidt, Jordan Axt, Kelly Marie Hoffman, Dan Martin, Anup Gampa, Becca Frazier, Emily Sydnor, Charlie Ebersole

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