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We are a non-profit organization and international, collaborative network of researchers investigating implicit social cognition, or thoughts and feelings that are largely outside of conscious awareness and control. Project Implicit is the product of a team of scientists whose research produced new ways of understanding attitudes, stereotypes, and other hidden biases that influence perception, judgment, and action. Our researchers and collaborators translate that academic research into practical applications for addressing diversity, improving decision-making, and increasing the likelihood that practices are aligned with personal and organizational values.

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Implicit bias is an automatic reaction we have towards other people. These attitudes and stereotypes can negatively impact our understanding, actions, and decision-making. The idea that we can hold prejudices we don’t want or believe was quite radical when it was first introduced, and the fact that people may discriminate unintentionally continues to have implications for understanding disparities in so many aspects of society, including but not limited to health care, policing, and education, as well as organizational practices like hiring and promotion.

Education Services

Project Implicit consultants and staff facilitate educational and leadership sessions focused on social cognition, understanding implicit bias and behavior, and mitigating biases in decision-making. Sessions can be tailored to accommodate audience size and industry.

Programming Services

Project Implicit scientists and programmers build online research studies using the IAT as well as a range of behavioral science tools, demographic questionnaires, and explicit measures. These studies are accessed through a private link that can be distributed to a participant sample.

Consulting Services

Consultants in Project Implicit’s network collaborate with clients to design, analyze, and interpret organizational data; develop and evaluate organizational interventions; and provide education and other program support to leaders, managers, and human resources professionals.

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