Skill-Building Sessions

Build Your Skills

Awareness and good intentions alone will not create systemic change, so how will you bridge the gap between awareness and action?

**New Skill-Building Sessions are coming in January 2022!**

Skill-Building Sessions

Commit to Being a Bias-Conscious Leader

This session extends the content of the introductory session by exploring eight cognitive biases shown to influence recruitment, hiring, mentoring, and promotion. Participants learn how to account for bias throughout the employee lifecycle and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

This session is designed specifically for organizational leaders, and attendance for both virtual and on-site sessions is capped at 50 participants.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset & Emotional Agility

When we believe we cannot change, we place limitations on who we are and who we can become. In this session, we explore how the desire to protect an image of ourselves as “a good person” prevents us from acknowledging the areas where we can be even better. By adopting a growth mindset and cultivating emotional agility, we see our knowledge, skills, and abilities in a state of continual development – and possibility! – rather than fixed or complete. Accepting that we each have room to grow is essential for change.

Question the Stories We Tell Ourselves

We rely on stories to make sense of the world and our place in it. But how often do we stop to reflect where these stories came from or whether what we are telling ourselves is even true? In this session, participants explore the relationship between implicit biases and stereotypes. Through facilitated self-reflection and group discussion, we consider how the stories we tell ourselves can create blind spots, even when we have the best intentions.

Make Decisions with Intention

Research shows that we rely more on our default thinking when we are tired, hungry, or stressed, so we are encouraged to make decisions during our “best time of day.” But what does that mean, and what should we do the rest of the day? In this session, participants learn how to collect personal data to identify the daily peaks in their mood and attentiveness as well as strategies to combat decision fatigue and account for external factors that may influence their behavior.

Use Objective Measures to Promote Fairness

One of the best ways to mitigate bias is to make plans with the assumption that we will be biased. This session explores how “habits of thought” can lead to inequitable outcomes and how constructing objective criteria can promote fairness. Participants engage in a collaborative project to create, review, and refine an example rubric for evaluation.

Foster an Inclusive Meeting Culture

Meetings are essential for almost every team, but we often fall into habits around who we meet, who leads and listens, and what is discussed. Imagine what insight we could gain if we stop to reflect on how we meet. This session examines how biases and assumptions can affect how we engage, both as leaders and participants. Explore the science behind successful meetings, how to bring awareness to blind spots in your leadership, and the value of differing approaches when working towards a common goal.

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