Implicit Social Cognition Lab Vision and Values


Articulation of the lab vision and values is an ongoing process to make explicit the ideals of our working environment.

We prepare successful scientists

A. Active training model: Regular individual meetings

B. Mentoring: Scaffolded advising with more senior members mentoring more junior members from PI to RA

C. Attention to professional development: Attend and present at conferences, practice talks and/or lunch talks, regular lab meetings, engage with visiting scholars, and RA meetings for prof dev

D. High expectations: Constructive criticism, positive communication style combined with direct feedback

E. Mutual respect: Respectful of each other's time. Full attention and engagement in group activities

We value diversity

A. of ideas

B. of personalities

C. of group memberships

We promote basic research, application, education, and dissemination

A. Research projects selected and designed to have high impact

B. Basic questions are often asked in applicable contexts

C. We engage the public's interest in basic research

D. We seek experiences to improve teaching and presenting skills, with undergraduates and other groups

We model collaboration

A. Domains of expertise are shared with others

B. Many projects leverage multiple skill-sets exceed the value of the sum of contributors

C. We strive for an open-source research environment for software, scripts, skills, and accumulation of knowledge

We practice collaborative leadership

A. Leadership strives for consensus

B. Ideas are taken seriously; leaders are open to others' ideas

C. The best ideas are adopted and implemented; When available, data are used to assist decision-making

We push the boundaries of knowledge with theoretical, methodological and technological innovation

A. Over time, we improve our imagination and ideas

B. We strive for excellence in implementing our ideas

C. Over time, we increase our efficiency without reducing our quality

D. We encourage initiative

We support balanced lifestyles

A. Positive integration of personal life and work

B. Appreciating value of social gatherings among professional colleagues

We balance pursuit of lab mission with fostering of individual academic identities

A. Shared research themes between unique individual research agendas

B. We promote ownership on projects

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