August 2017: Bethany interviewed on WINA Radio on Future Thinking MindTrails

July 2017: Press release regarding Future Thinking MindTrails study was picked up by...
                   UVA Today
                   CBS 19 Charlottesville Newsplex
                   Neuroscience News
                   Psych Central
                   NBC 29

March 2017: Bethany discusses mental health stigma in Psychology Today article

March 2017: Post-doc Phil Chow's work highlighted by Becker's Health IT & CIO Review

March 2017: Lab research cited by Nautilus article

March 2017: Bethany featured in APA Science Government Relations Office 2016 Annual Report (with her photo on the cover!)

March 2017: Bethany interviewed regarding NIMH's mission in APA Monitor

February 2017: Graduate student Karl Fua featured in College Magazine: How to participate in class without fearing the haters

December 2016: Bethany discusses stigma of mental illness on Business Insider

December 2016: Graduate students Miranda Beltzer and Alex Werntz interviewed about implicit associations related to mental health on Huffington Post

November 2016: Bethany dicusses anxiety after the election on Cavalier Daily

October 2016: Radio interview with Bethany about MindTrails intervention

October 2016: Bethany discusses anxiety regarding talking about trauma on Cavailer Daily

October 2016: Bethany discusses anxiety before the election on Cavalier Daily
October 2016: Graduate student Alex Werntz, undergradate research assistant Emily Kline, and Bethany discuss interpretation training for anxiety on

October 2016: Bethany talks about anxiety and applying to jobs on Cavalier Daily

September 2016: Interview with Bethany about MindTrails intervention on UVA Today

June 2016: Former graduate student Jessica Beadel discusses intrusive thoughts on US News and World Report

March 2016: Bethany discusses the lab's research on changing interpretations in UVA Magazine

March 2016: Bethany discusses tips for anxiety on Real Simple

November 2015: Bethany featured in US News and World Report: The Sciece of Awkwardness

October 2015: Bethany discusses phobias on Yahoo Health

updated September 2017